Superfan Rooms

Description and Registration

A long time tradition of east coast conventions has made its way to Con-Jikan!

Superfan rooms are a great way to share your enthusiasm for [INSERT YOUR FANDOM HERE].

Your friends, club, or other organization may reserve a room to throw a party for all Con-Jikan attendees. These rooms may be themed and decorated in whatever way you like. Hosts will be expected to provide some sort of entertainment (games, movies, etc) and light refreshments (tea, lemonade, cookies, etc).

For further details on Con-Jikan’s superfan room program, read HERE. You can also refer to these blog posts here and here by Con-Jikan staffer Erica for more context and inspiration!

Do note: Con-Jikan will help by sponsoring HALF of the hotel room cost, but hosts will be required to pay the remaining cost, as well as any costs for decoration, entertainment, etc.  And Con-Jikan will not provide volunteers/staff for these rooms.

Please contact paul.franklin@con-jikan or with any questions.

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(ABOVE: Examples of Superfan rooms at other conventions. After getting some eye-catching decorations, the next step is to organize the fun that you and your fan-brothers-and-sisters can enjoy)

Submitted Superfans and example ideas to inspire


  • “Super” Anime Fan Room!
    • Anime Screenings, Manga, and More! | Con-Jikan Staff
  • (slot 2)
  • (slot 3)
  • (slot 4)
  • (slot 5)


  • Specific anime series (ie. Naruto meet up)
  • Related series (ie. Dr. Who meet up)
  • Game series (ie. League of Legends meet up)
  • Game show (ie. Who’s Line is it Anyways)
  • Community group (ie. UNM Anime Club)
  • Interest group (ie. Cosplay creation and design)
  • Nothing specific (ie. Super happy fun times meet up)

And that’s just a few examples.  If you have any inspiration and the desire to organize a Super-fan room, let us know!