It wouldn’t be Con-Jikan without a bounty of ribbons that attendees can collect and wear on their badge — proof of their experiences and exploits! Ribbons are typically distributed by Con-Jikan volunteers, vendors, and program participants in a weekend-long scavenger hunt. With over 50 unique designs (and more added each year), you’ll have your hands full trying to collect them all!


How do I earn ribbons?
No two ribbons are the same, some are given specifically to certain attendee categories (artists, volunteers, panelists, etc.) and can’t be acquired unless you qualify. Others are merit-based, and are awarded for winning games, tournaments, and challenges. Others, still, require you to be in the right place at the right time. There are many ways to earn a ribbon!

Can I make and distribute my own ribbons?
Yes! We highly encourage active participation in ribbon culture… so long as your designs comply with Con-Jikan’s rules and regulations. There are several online vendors that offer custom ribbons, and beginning this year, we’re allowing attendees to purchase their own ribbons as part of Con-Jikan’s bulk order.

Ordering Ribbons

Info on ordering ribbons through Con-Jikan
Because we order MANY ribbons each year, you can purchase a stack of 50 ribbons through us at a discount and have them in time for Con-Jikan.

Cost (50 qty): $25
Cost (100 qty): $35
Artwork Due By: October 26

If you would like to order ribbons, please contact bethany@con-jikan.com and include the following:

Ribbon Quantity: <50 or 100>

Ribbon Color and Foil: Click here to see available options

Ribbon Design: Your artwork MUST be black (mono-colored) on a white or transparent background. Vector preferred. If you’re not sure if an image will work, you can send it to us and we’ll be able to tell you.

NOTE: You must be a pre-registered attendee, an artist, dealer, or panelist to order through Con-Jikan.

We will send you a PayPal invoice which must be paid by the artwork deadline (Oct 26). You can pick up your ribbons at the convention!