How about them panels?

Want to educate and interact with your fellow con-goers on a favorite topic? Or perhaps you’d like to hold a contest, or provide some entertainment, or share your past experiences with cons and/or the industry? Whatever the case, if you’d like to be part of Con-Jikan’s programming schedule, you’re in the right place!

Each panel room comes equipped with two microphones, a projector with VGA input, and a screen. The panel rooms will also have seating for the audience and tables for the presenters. Laptops and media must be provided by the panelist. The Student Union Building does have limited WiFi capabilities, but panelists are encouraged to not rely on it due to its sometimes-restrictive access.

How about them benefits?

Panelists are eligible for two free 1-day badges on the day of their panel; 1 badge for themselves and 1 badge for an assistant. Although you may have multiple assistants in your panel, you are only entitled to 2 panelist badges. If you plan to run multiple panels, you will instead receive up to 2 free WEEKEND badges.


Can I do a panel about [insert topic here]?

Send us a submission and we’ll look it over. If it’s not approved, we may allow you an opportunity to revise and re-submit the panel. Be advised that this option is not a promise, nor a guarantee.

Can you provide prize support for my panel?

Unfortunately, Con-Jikan can not provide panelists with audience incentives.

My panel will require equipment other than what’s listed above…

Depending on the equipment, we may be able to accommodate you. Send us an email at and we’ll be able to let you know!

Can I do a panel longer than 1 hour?

Because of limited time and space, we’re limiting panels to a one-hour time frame. Please be prepared to arrive to your panel 10 mins early, and wrap 10 mins ’til.

I want to do an 18+ panel…

If your panel will contain offensive language or content, we require that you monitor entry into the panel room by checking ID. All panel content is subject to approval.


Do you have a panel to submit? Fill out this form with some basic information and we’ll get back to you!



The masquerade is the keystone event for most anime conventions, and Con-Jikan! is no different! Parade your costume on stage for all to see! Show me your [choreographed] moves! Entertain us a skit of your own making! The possibilities are literally endless. Prizes will be awarded following the show for a variety of categories.

Prizes (!) will be offered to participants.


  • Craftsmanship For cosplay that is >50% participant made or modified. Winners in the craftsmanship category will have demonstrated considerable attention to detail and commitment to the art and craft of costuming.
    • Novice, Journeyman, and Expert categories
  • Performance For performance art that is true to the character, series, or mood of the cosplay. Winners in the performance category will have demonstrated a keen sense of character and an impressive stage presence.
    • Novice, Journeyman, and Expert categories
  • Audience Choice For cosplayers that win the overwhelming support and affection of the audience. The winner should know how to please a crowd (in good taste).
  • Best in Show Awarded to the cosplayer or troupe that best channels the positive emotions and talents within the cosplay community. *whistle*

Break it down (bold it up)?

  • Masquerade participants may submit their act using the form below, or in-person during the convention. Submissions are due by 12:00 pm Saturday-of-the-Con.
  • Participants who wish to be considered for craftsmanship must meet with judges for pre-judging, which takes place Saturday afternoon.
  • ALL participants must be present for sound-and-lighting check. This mandatory rehearsal takes place Sunday at 12:00 pm.
  • Seating/Places for Masquerade begins at 3:30 pm on Sunday, with the performance commencing at 4:00 pm.

I’m In. Let’s do dis.

Sweet! Fill out this form and get to polishing your act… we look forward to your debut at Con-Jikan!

Tsuki Mochi Cosplay Café


Con-Jikan! will also host the Tsuki Mochi Cosplay Café both days. The Tsuki Mochi Cosplay Café began in 2011 as Vocaloid Maid Café, but has since grown to offer a variety of themes, such as Black Butler, Bunny Girl, Femmé Hetalia, and more! Patrons are served light snacks and drink while being entertained with skits and dance numbers by the café’s 11 maids. Here to serve you smiles!

Themes TBD. For more info on the café and pictures of their past events, visit their facebook!


Whether you wanna belt your heart out to Journey, the second Bleach OP, or Gangnam Style… Con-Jikan!’s karaoke stage is the place to do it! We’ll have thousands of songs available to choose from, and a little something called Con-Jikan-Idol!

Check back before long to get a look at the karaoke list… And make sure you keep your pipes from rusting in the meantime~!