Guests of Honor

Michele Knotz
Michele KnotzVoice Talent
It is said that Michele Knotz hails from a distant faraway planetoid called New Jersey. She commutes to New York to work on this series you may have heard of called Pokémon. Now in their 21st season, Sun and Moon, Michele returns as the voice of Team Rocket’s Jessie and as an added bonus, Michele voices Bewear, Mudbray, Morelull, and Shiinotic! Michele is also a script adapter and time coder for various dubbing projects and lends her voice to many other types of work. To see all of Michele’s credits, guest appearances, and listen to her voice demos, check out her website at
James Carter Cathcart
James Carter CathcartVoice Talent/Musician
Prepare for trouble (and make it double)! An ingredient known by many names, you might know James through his currently voicing himself (That’s Team Rocket’s James!) on Pokemon, a role that he’s called his own since the Hoenn Saga. He also voices Meowth! If you’re not into Pokemon, maybe you remember him as the voice of the underhanded Weevil Underwood in Yu-Gi-Oh! or Vector the Crocodile in Sonic X. A proud American (and New Jersey-an!), we would certainly be remiss if we did not mention his love for music. Influenced by Pop, Rock, Jazz, and Classical styles, James has both performed and recorded music alongside notable artists such as John Tesh, Ace Frehley, Gerry Mulligan, Garland Jeffreys, and Katey Sagal, among many, many others in his decades-spanning career.

Additional Guests

CheeseCakePandaCosplay Artist
CheeseCakePanda Cosplay is an Bernalillo-based cosplay artist who specializes in armor and makeup. Her cosplay background includes over 20 costumes that have been showcased at east- and west-coast conventions; some noteworthy cosplays include her take on Keith from Voltron, and more recently, the Hunter from BloodBorne. She graduated from University of New Mexico with a B.A. in Media Arts and has been involved with local cosplay groups and Just Cos Cosplay Supply. CheeseCakePanda Cosplay joins us at Con-Jikan this year as a masquerade judge and as a featured panelist!
Leah Stevo
Leah StevoCosplay Artist
Leah Stevo is a cosplay artist located in Santa Fe, New Mexico who specializes in “insanely huge, detailed armor that’s visible from space.” Originally from California, she took home “Best in Show – Video Games” at Dragon Con 2017 and was personally invited to BlizzCon that same year for her Malthael Reaper cosplay. Her work has been featured on international media sites, including IGN, Funko, and Kotaku. More recently, she was featured on Anime Expo’s Twitch for her “Star Guardian Urgot” cosplay, which became the most-viewed clip of all time on the channel. A Santa Fe University of Art and Design alumnus with a degree in graphic design, she regularly helps with a garage cosplay workshop in White Rock, NM and works in a chocolate factory. Leah will be featured as a masquerade judge and panelist at Con-Jikan 2018!
Dawn (Usamimi)
Dawn (Usamimi)Podcast Host
Dawn (aka “Usamimi”) is the producer and host of The Anime Nostalgia Podcast! A fan of anime since the 80s, her podcast is a mix of waxing nostalgic with fellow older fans while introducing younger fans to older titles they’ve never heard of! Her podcast also serves as an oral history of otakudom before things like streaming and social media were commonplace. She loves to highlight how anime & manga has always been a diverse fandom, and can be enjoyed by anyone. Being a long-time fan, she’s used her knowledge to write for outlets like Anime News Network and Crunchyroll, and has helped on multiple anime releases from AnimEigo and Discotek Media. You can listen to her podcast on iTunes and Stitcher and meet her this year at Con-Jikan!