Gaming is a key component of Con-Jikan, and it comes in two stripes! No matter what kind of gamer you are, Con-Jikan will have a dazzling array of things for you to enjoy! Stay tuned for this year’s gaming setup!

Gaming Provided by

Open Gaming

We will have consoles, computers and even a virtual reality rig set up for open gaming to all attendees.

Video Game Tournaments

Video game tournaments where you can test your mettle against other player in a bracketed competition. Keep an eye on this space for games and schedules. Interested in running a tournament or suggesting a game? E-mail

Board Gaming

“Back in my day, video games were played with little pieces of plastic, card board and dice” -Confused old man

Con-Jikan knows that not all the most cutting-edge games are PC-exclusive.  Come by the Table Top Gaming section for a more analog gaming experince.

Cards Against Humanity?  Dungeons and Dragons?  Agricola?  Uno?  We have it all.

There will be board games, card gaming and table top RPGs available for any who wish to play!

Board Gaming Library

Local Business Ettin Games and Hobbies will have a wide selection of board games available for attendee check-out! Whether you’re looking for a two-player casual experience, a sprawling euro game, or to preside as card czar in a jokey game played with black-and-white cards, they’ve got you covered!

OPEN PLAY Sat/Sun Starting @ 10a | Tabletop Gaming

Pen and Paper RPGs

We tried our hands at the table top genre last year, and your reaction was overwhelmingly positive.  So this year we are doubling down with an entire track dedicated to RPGs.  That means games running from morning to night all weekend long.

We will be offering teaching games for newbie players.  Hardcore dungeon dives for experienced players.  And casual RP-heavy games for all to enjoy.

So if you have 10 years of experience on both side of the screen, or have only watched 10 minutes of Critical Role, there will be a game for you!

Stay tuned as we unveil our 2018 game line-up.  More information to come!

PS: If you are a DM with a fun idea for a one-shot you’d like to run at the convention, please submit a panel submission and we can try to slot you into the line-up.