Gaming is a key component of Con-Jikan, and it comes in two stripes! No matter what kind of gamer you are, Con-Jikan will have a dazzling array of things for you to enjoy! Stay tuned for this year’s gaming setup!

Open Gaming

We will have consoles, computers and even a virtual reality rig set up for open gaming to all attendees.

Video Game Tournaments

Xrd Revelator 2 Logo

Board Gaming

“Back in my day, video games were played with little pieces of plastic, card board and dice” -Confused old man

Con-Jikan knows that not all the most cutting-edge games are PC-exclusive.  Come by the Table Top Gaming section for a more analog gaming experince.

Cards Against Humanity?  Dungeons and Dragons?  Agricola?  Uno?  We have it all.

There will be board games, card gaming and table top RPGs available for any who wish to play!

Demos / Game Teaching Sessions

Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game is a new “Living Card Game” reboot to the classic L5R experience.  Veteran players will certainly recognize the play style, but newer players will appreciate the smaller card pool all available in one box as a less intimidating entry point for this classic game.

Demo/Play Sat @ 4PM

Enjoy deck-builder games but are sorely disappointed with the lack of cute anime maids on your cards?  Sulk no more, Tanto Coure is the answer!

Tanto offers a great mix of the anime life with Dominion-style game play.  And don’t worry that it’s just a gimmick with no substance, Tanto offers some unique game play elements to boot.

Demo/Play Sat @ 9PM

Another Japanime classic, Heart of Crown was recently localized for English players.

Like Tanto Cuore, Heart of Crown is an anime-themed deck-builder game.

But players familiar with Dominion and Tanto will find a fairly unique experience in Heart of Crown.

Demo/Play Sat @ 10PM

Pen and Paper RPGs

It’s Dungeons & Dragons!  What more can I say?

Session Sat @ 2PM

Color Circut’s Kendra Jean Brand is your DM for an enthralling one-shot campaign using the Pathfinder system! Bring only your thirst for adventure as you embark on a bite-sized quest filled with excitement.

Session 1 Sun @ 1PM

Session 2 Sun @ 2PM