Cosplay is always a welcome sight at any anime convention.

For our cosplayers Con-Jikan has lined up some special events:

  • The Masquerade
  • Cosplay Chess
  • Professional photography
  • Cosplay Mafia

And the cosplay community often sparks up impromptu group sessions and other fun.

So if you are a long time cosplayer or just considering it for a first time, Con-Jikan reminds you to come out in your costumes!


Interested in cosplaying and getting an award for it? Join our masquerade!

The stage show will be 7pm Saturday Nov 17th on the Main Stage

All participants will be required to:

  • Submit an application
  • Attend day-of Pre-Judging
  • Provide (or suggest) pre-recorded sound or music

Applications close at 1pm Saturday.  Applications are available below or at the Event Registration table.  Don’t miss your chance!

Pre-Judging is between 2pm and 5pm.  You will be scheduled for a 5 minute interview with our judges.  Just an quick opportunity to show off some of the craftsmanship that could be overlooked during your stage time.  (Please speak with the masquerade director to confirm a time for your Pre-Judging appointment).

We will be awarding prizes for both Performance and Craftsmanship (separated into Novice, Journeyman and Expert divisions).

Cosplayers of ALL SKILL LEVELS are encouraged to participate.



Cosplay Café

We are proud to host Kirei Cosplay Café and Café Quartz

$15 – ticket and a sticker

$20 – VIP: ticket, sticker, Polaroid, and exclusive seating!

Both tickets include choice of cake, figments tea, and the show!

Tickets sold at the door

Day 1 Saturday 11/17/2018

Session One: 12:00 to 12:45

Session Two: 1:00 to 1:45

Session Three: 2:00 to 2:45

Session Four: 4:00 to 4:45

Day 2 Sunday 11/18/2018

Session One: 1:00 to 1:45

Session Two: 3:00 to 3:45

Awaken! Kigu Party!

Awaken maid café featuring Super Gamers Anonymous will be hosting a café lounge from 8pm on Saturday night until midnight!

Cosplay Chess

Chess on a giant chessboard, where each cosplayer plays a role. Each capture pits characters from very different universes against one another, and the entire event is emceed for maximum drama!

If you want to be a player piece, swing by Event Registration and secure a spot (first-come first-serve)

All games played will be on the Main Stage.

Cosplay Mafia

Introducing Cosplay Mafia, a new experience where you are working together with others to find the mafia, while also finding those who are a little “too suspicious”.  We will have signups soon, so look forward to it!

May the best win!