Maybe you have read xx manga 100 times, and aren’t looking to add on that 101st read through.  Maybe you’ve beaten xx game 100% and are ready for the next conquest.  Maybe you thought xx anime looked fun, but it didn’t really match your tastes when you brought it home.  Well then, maybe Con Market is just what you need!

For those unfamiliar with the concept, Con Market is an anime convention tradition of opening a flea market for attendees to be able to trade and sell their old anime and gaming paraphernalia.

This year, we will be holding the Con Market in the fan suites Saturday night and will open after the Masquerade finishes (~ 8pm).

There is limited space for sales spots.  If you are interested in securing your spot, sign up on the form below.  $10 fee if accepted.

Register for a spot TODAY!

Art by Masakichi