A Letter From The Chair

November 24, 2014

Dear Con-Jikan fans and supporters,

Today, the Daily Lobo broke the story that our event had been the target of theft for the second year in a row. This is an unfortunate reality, and does indeed call the future of Con-Jikan into question. However, I feel it is important to release a statement that clarifies the state of our organization and our relationship to the Student Union Building.

First, a bit of background:

Last year, an unknown person or persons broke into the SUB ballrooms and stole $6260 in cash and merchandise. Our insurance policy DID NOT cover the majority of the loss, and the portion that was covered was exceeded by the deductible amount. As a result, our organization had to suffer the loss in its entirety.

In an effort to alleviate the loss, we reached out to the Student Union to have our venue fee for this year reduced, but their response was that they couldn’t be held liable or make an exception in light of the theft.

The Student Union made some recommendations to prevent a similar occurrence this year—most notably the addition of overnight security, which we adopted. However, as you now know, our event was again the target of theft despite this precaution.

This continued pattern of theft is extremely damaging for Con-Jikan. We started the event with a modest budget funded through kickstarter, pre-registrations, and our own personal finances. Our aim has never been to profit from the event, and we have yet to do so; in fact, we still carry a large debt due to these breaches in security.

It is difficult to assign blame in a situation like ours. While we would like to direct our frustrations towards the selfish individuals who have taken advantage of the gaps in security at our event, UNMPD’s continuing investigation has failed to yield any results.

Some of the blame is certainly ours to shoulder… When we planned our first year, we unwittingly presumed that the venue would be secure overnight. This presumption has cost us dearly, and we’re willing to admit fault.

However, I feel as though we did everything within our power to prevent an incident this year. And at this point we must seriously consider changing venues unless the Student Union accepts some responsibility.

We will actively seek resolution on this manner, and will keep you, our fans, informed of any updates. Thank you for your continuing support.


Justin D Brough

Chair, Con-Jikan

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